Vol 3 (2015)

Critical Thinking and Writing Beyond the Two Cultures

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

Beyond the Two Cultures
Justin Hayes, Paul Pasquaretta, Glenda Pritchett

Research Articles

Relationships Between Writing and Critical Thinking, and Their Significance for Curriculum and Pedagogy
Kathleen Blake Yancey
Writing Creatively About Evolution: Overlapping Threshold Experiences
Shylaja Akkaraju
Plato's Wiki: The Possibility of Digital Dialectic
Mark Noe, Eloisa Moreno, Regina Welsh, Joy Tanner, Matthew Nolan, Tomas Guerrero, Felicia Perez, Michelle Algewari, Daniel Rodriguez, Jennifer Garcia, Michelle Munoz, Raquel Mata, Jose Salinas
Innovating with History: How an Archival Intervention Diminishes Snow’s “Dangerous” Divides
Christopher Leslie, Lindsay Anderberg

Reports from the Field

Teaching Critical Discourse Analysis Across the Disciplines
Stephen John Dilks, Ntombizodwa Cynthia Dlayedwa
The First-Year Writing Course as a WAC Cultural Bridge for Faculty
Wendy Menefee-Libey
Disciplines in Dialogue: A Learning Commons Perspective
Tracy M. Hallstead
Keeping It Real and Getting Muddy: First-Year Composition Meets Physical Geography in Stanley Park
Brian W. Conz, Vanessa Holford Diana
Hypertext Explorer: A Research Simulation of Critical Editing for the Humanities
Donald P. Buckley, Charles L. Ross

Book Reviews

Exercises in Criticism: The Theory and Practice of Literary Constraint by Louis Bury
Adam Katz


Learning to Think in the Language: Remediating the Oral and the Written Through Classroom Use of Digitized Film
Dalit Katz
Is the Death of the Teacher-Scholar Widening the Chasm Between the Two Cultures?
Lani Keller