Vol 2 (2014)

Critical Thinking and Writing in the STEM Disciplines

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Introduction

Enculturation in STEM
Lisa Emerson

Research Articles

Techniques for Capturing Critical Thinking in the Creation and Composition of Advanced Mathematical Knowledge
Peter Charles Samuels
Using Metaphors to Investigate Pre-service Primary Teachers' Attitudes Towards Mathematics
Kathy Brady, Tiffany Winn
Better Than Business-as-Usual: Improving Scientific Practices During Discourse and Writing by Playing a Collaborative Mystery Game
Denise Bressler
Potential Benefits of Bilingual Constructed Response Science Assessments for Understanding Bilingual Learners’ Emergent Use of Language of Scientific Investigation Practices
Cory Buxton, Martha Allexsaht-Snider, Rouhollah Aghasaleh, Shakhnoza Kayumova, Seo-hyun Kim, Youn-Jeng Choi, Allan Cohen

Reports from the Field

A Model for Facilitating Peer Review in the STEM Disciplines: A Case Study of Peer Review Workshops Supporting Student Writing in Introductory Biology Courses
Katharine Brieger, Pam Bromley
Exploring Alternatives in the Teaching of Lab Report Writing: Deepening Student Learning Through a Portfolio Approach
Stacia Kefalos Vargas, Paul Hanstedt
Peer Assessment of Writing and Critical Thinking in STEM: Insights into Student and Faculty Perceptions and Practices
Irene Reed, Steven J. Pearlman, Carol Millard, David Carillo
Thinking Critically in Undergraduate Biology: Flipping the Classroom and Problem-Based Learning
Tracie Marcella Addy, Catherine LePrevost, Maura Stevenson
Promoting Student Participation in Scientific Research: An Undergraduate Course in Global Change Biology
Eoin J. O'Gorman, Julian Ingle, Sally Mitchell

Book Reviews

A Natural History of Human Thinking by Michael Tomasello
Adam Katz


A Transatlantic Conversation About Critical Thinking and Writing in STEM
Alison Farrell, Bob Lawlor, Dermot Brabazon, Kevin Casey, Anne Jordan, Judith Strawbridge

Editors' Note

The Cover Image
Justin Hayes, Paul Pasquaretta, Glenda Pritchett