Vol 1 (2013)

New Vistas: Critical Thinking and Writing in the 21st Century

The inaugural issue of Double Helix features articles related to "New Vistas: WAC/WID Intersections in the 21st Century," the theme of Quinnipiac University’s Fourth Biennial International Conference on Critical Thinking and Writing, November 2012.

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Welcome to Double Helix
Glenda Pritchett

From the Advisory Board

Double Helix: History and Origins
Robert A. Smart

Research Articles

Organizational Response to a University Writing Initiative:Writing in the Disciplines (WID) in an Interdisciplinary Department
Cathleen O. Erwin, Tina M. Zappile
Helping Preservice Elementary Teachers Write Scientific Arguments and Their Connection to the Common Core State Standards
Nicole J. Glen
Reading: The Bridge to Everywhere
Tracy M. Hallstead, Glenda Pritchett
Rethinking First Year English as First Year Writing Across the Curriculum
Michelle LaFrance, Nancy Benson, Steven J. Corbett, Anicca Cox, Will Higgins, Robin Kish, Katy Whittingham

Reports from the Field

Collaborative Teaching and Students’ Critical Thinking: The New Pre-Physical Therapy Seminars at the University of Hartford
Patricia A. Morelli, Mary Gannotti

Book Reviews

After the Public Turn: Composition, Counterpublics, and the Citizen Bricoleur by Frank Farmer
Adam Katz
Who Speaks for Writing: Stewardship in Writing Studies in the 21st Century Ed. Jennifer Rich and Ethna D. Lay
Kat R. Gonso